Middle Block is a video content agency connecting you and your viewers to independent influencers from around the world


We constantly recruit new content creators onboard, creating a network of experienced influencers. Our mission is to improve online experiences by understanding the new content environment, provide and engage!

No big titles, no college degrees, just good people making good content

It has been a long time that viewers from around the world prefer the authenticity and reliability of the independent creator as opposed to the traditional news, culture, and leisure providers.

As the scene changes one has to understand that the future of online content is with the influencers and that the “Regular Joe” is now the celebrity.

Middle Block is the distribution link between these talented individuals and major publishers and advertisers.

We do the nitty gritty work of picking only the best of the best from each content world, creating our partners a wholesome picture of the latest trends, the meaningful think pieces, the harsh reviews, and much more…

Whether it is Sports, Music, Fashion, Tech, or anything you can think of, Middle Block will be happy to enrich your content consumers and reward our awesome creators.

Benefits of using Middle Block? 🚀

Accuracy & Diversity

Our video content is updated and accurate to make sure your users get high-quality content that can definitely drive their interest.
We are aiming to achieve reliability and accuracy in our videos, our goal is to make sure your users will find relevant content effortlessly and seamlessly.
Allowing your brand to enjoy premium content in various categories such as Lifestyle, Sport, Travel, Food, Viral, Finance, Politics, Movies, Music, Beauty, Health, Blockchain, and many more.

Engagement Growth

video is recognized as the most important medium for viewer engagement and retainment. The world’s leading digital publishers say it’s not going anywhere.
Middle Block offers various categories of unique and engaging video content for Content syndicators and publishers as one.
Our videos are built to get the most engagement possible from your users.

Empowering Creators

As a ground rule, Middle Block is constantly creating new connections between independent content creators and publishers from around the world, creating opportunities and benefits for both sides.
With a personal approach, we distribute our creators' content globally, grow their brand reach, and drive additional revenue rapidly.

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